• New Construction
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    Licensed since 1988. We have specialized in quality construction with more than one hundred homes custom built in the Tallahassee area. Our system is very customer friendly and very detailed. A new home is probably the single largest investment any of us ever make, why take a chance on inexperience or cut corners with production builders. There is a reason a Buick cost more than a Yugo.

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  • Additions and Remodels
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    An addition is the adding of a new room or rooms. It could be a new master bedroom or a bathroom, a free standing garage or mother-in-law suite. We have done all of these and more. A renovation or remodel is when you re-purpose or re-build an existing part of your home. An example would be new cabinets and countertops, but could be as extensive as gutting the entire home and starting with just a shell. We have successfully completed just about every possible combination of these from renovating a hall bath to stripping the sheetrock and insulation out of entire houses. Regardless of the scale of your next project we have the experience to make it happen for you!

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  • Repairs
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    No job is too small or too big. We can repair the rotten siding, replace the front door or repair the damage caused by a storm that pushed a tree through your roof. We not only have the experience to repair the damage but the ability to make it look as though it never happened in the first place in most instances.

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