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Licensed since 1988. We have specialized in quality construction with more than one hundred homes custom built in the Tallahassee area. Our system is very customer friendly and very detailed. A new home is probably the single largest investment any of us ever make, why take a chance on inexperience or cut corners with production builders. There is a reason a Buick cost more than a Yugo.


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Construction projects have many forms. There is industrial construction, which would include anything from a hydroelectric dam to a chemical plant or oil refinery. There is commercial construction, which consist of apartment complexes, shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations and even schools and office complexes. Then there is residential construction, which usually means single family residential. It could be adding a bathroom, repairing storm damage or constructing a new home. Here at Florida Contractors, we specialize in residential construction.

First, we utilize a computer based design software that is cutting edge and extremely efficient at producing professional working drawings.

Second, we do not guess at the costs of the project. On every new project, we get bids on the appliances, security system, bathroom accessories, brick, mortar, cabinets, cabinet tops, clean up, closet shelving, columns, driveway, culverts, bulkheads, demolition, interior doors, exterior doors, sheetrock, sheetrock finish, painting, electrical, electrical fixtures, fences, gates, fireplaces, flooring, foundation material, foundation labor, framing material, framing labor, gas, gutters, HVAC, insulation, interior trim, interior trim labor, landscaping, lockout material and labor, lot clearing, outdoor kitchen, paint and labor, plumbing labor and fixtures and materials, roofing labor, roofing material, septic or sewer system, specialty wiring, staircase material, staircase labor, termite treatment, tile, wallpaper, well, windows, window trim and window treatments. Whereas this is not the complete list, you get the idea.

Third, we provide actual on-site supervision and utilize a team of construction partners. We have had the same subcontractors for a very long time and everyone knows what is expected from the team. We provide first rate work at a fair price. If you are looking for the cheapest, least expensive home you can find, you will not find it here. Not to say we are expensive, because we are not, we are very competitive. We just do not produce junk. Our homes and projects reflect quality and craftsmanship first. Since your home is the largest personal investment you will likely make; we just don't see cutting corners there.

Fourth, we provide weekly job costing reports to our customers. This lets our customers know exactly where we are in the project and keeps everyone on the same page concerning budgets, expenditures and completions. There is no hidden cost, smoke or mirrors. We provide transparency in construction that most find refreshing and very comforting.

Fifth, and this is the easy one, we simply do what we agree on. We are your representative, your ambassador, if you will, to the world of construction. We advance your concept into a completed project.




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