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One of the most difficult tasks in building is knowing if you are getting a fair price or bid. In order to compare the bids, the information must be universal to each bidder. This e-book gives specific instructions on how to properly obtain and evaluate residential construction projects.

How to Save Money on Your Construction Project


Miscommunication causes problems. Lack of information also causes them. If you are serious about your construction project, you should be serious about outlining what you wish to have as a finished product. Avoid all of the common mistakes caused by poor communication and a hurried set of specifications.

Residential Specifications & Features Log


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to sign a contract, get on a cruise ship for a year and when you return everything is done the way you wanted. That is totally never going to happen, but you can avoid all of the last minute running around, snap decisions and eliminate alot if not all of the hassles of construction. This e-book outlines almost every decision a customer needs to make during a residential construction project. A must have for first timers, a should have for every one else!

Home Owner Selections & Organization Sheets


Now that you have all of your decisions made, how do you know what to expect next in the process? This e-book is a dairy of sorts. It starts with pre-construction and takes you through closing in a checklist, task by task order. It not only speeds up the construction process, but often reminds customers and builders alike that something has been overlooked. A must have for the consumer and professional alike.

Residential Construction Daily Log


In order to provide customers with an accurate bid, certain items must be allowed for. This allowance uses a budgetary number to represent a portion of the contract. For example, you may know that you need to spend $5,000.00 on you appliances, but haven't decided what brand. In this example a $5,000.00 appliance allowance is put into the contract. To properly track allowances we reccomend having as part of your contract or as an addendum an allowance schedule. This e-book list the most common allownaces.

Residential Construction Allowance sheet


How long of a warranty do I get? What is covered? How do we decide how or when to repair or replace a warranteed item? These are very common questions that can be addressed with the following e-book. Every contingency isnít covered, most are. A must for any building professional.

Residential warranty


There are between fifty and one hundred budgetary groups in a standard residential project. Each of the groups could comprise of hundreds of varying amounts of labor or material. Leave off a group and you could be in a financial mess. This standard bid sheets allows for most categories and aids in the bidding and selection process.

Residential Bid Sheet


We have all heard the phrase good fences make good neighbors. Well the same is also true in construction. A good contract makes for a good relationship. If you do not have a good residential contract, it becomes problematic. This is a standard fixed price residential contract. It has all of the required languages and disclaimers required by the State of Florida as of the time it was written. We update this contract annually.

Standard Residential Contract


This is the same contract as above except it is a fixed fee contract. It allows that the contractor will receive a flat fee for his or her services and the customer will pay actual cost of the construction with no further mark up.

Residential Contract for Supervision Of construction only